Haus Elisabeth


The work begins - July to October 2005

The first thing was to make a driveway and parking place

A storm tipped one of the big firs so it needed to go right away

First the branches, then the crown...

and finally, metre for metre the rest

Then some weeks later the rest of the trees
In the meantime the scaffolding was erected

All 47 windows were removed and replaced

Forestry at home

Big trees require big machines

We wondered whether it would ever look like home

But we had help

and the back yard would heal

The last of the windows are installed

and the front door rescued

Finally, the exterior is presentable

The back as well as the front.

Six months after purchase, a home to be proud of.

December, 2005

Attractive in the winter...

and the summer.
In the spring of 2006 we planted a rose bed.

August, 2006


Our yard is transformed from a ruins into a park - 2005 to 2013

It took time, but we were able to have a carport built.

All this time work was going on inside as well

In the summer of 2008 we finally got the drive and carport surface paved